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Rivaling Nature with Veneers

Dental Veneers Las Vegas | Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry can mean many things to different people. One of the most popular procedures is the use of dental veneers. For people with discolored or badly chipped teeth, this offers the chance to rediscover a great smile and rejuvenate your damaged teeth. Dr Mike Golpa and his team at Smile Designs are proud to offer the finest, most reliable and stylish dental veneers in Las Vegas. Our professional experts use only the finest materials and deliver unrivalled client satisfaction for each and every dental veneers procedure.

What are Dental Veneers?

Dr. Golpa’s also offers No-prep Veneers

As well as being beautiful, our porcelain or acrylic dental veneers are permanently bonded to your natural teeth. This makes our dental veneers as durable as they are beautiful. Our cloned enamel technique ensures that everything from the shaping to the look and comfort of your dental veneers is great. Couple this with the cutting edge techniques and innovative procedures employed by Dr Golpa and his team of highly qualified lab experts and you will agree, this is the place to come for efficient, professional dental veneers service in the heart of Las Vegas.

Unlike some other restoration processes, dental veneers, as with all cosmetic dentistry under the guidance of Dr Golpa at Smile Designs, look natural and feel great. Our many satisfied clients have been amazed by the efficient process and the overall look and feel of their dental veneers. The entire dental veneer procedure usually takes two visits to our clinic. After initial consultation, you will soon be showcasing your new, natural looking smile thanks to the high quality dental veneers and the skilled workmanship of Dr Golpa and his team.

Durable high-quality restorations

As well as the professional service, our procedures offer you high quality porcelain to ensure that light reflects exactly as it does with real teeth, another feature of our dental veneers. With all this and the natural look and feel allowed by our cutting edge techniques, you will soon be saying goodbye to unsightly chips, stains, gaps and decay and a bright hello to dental veneers.

Call our office today and take your first step to top quality dental veneers, cosmetic dentistry and full mouth reconstruction from the finest clinic in Las Vegas. Look great, feel great and show off your great new smile.

Call our office TODAY for a professional consultation on dental veneers in Las Vegas. After meeting with Dr. Mike Golpa and receiving your Smile Designs by Golpa designer smile you will look great and feel good in as little as two easy visits!

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